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Here is a selection of thumbnail images which have been used in GÉANT materials.  

  • Please note that due to copyright law, some images are subject to additional licensing (these are quite low in many cases).  Project participants wishing to use any of these images, please contact and we will be happy to help.  

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1973561.jpg4242 x 27726665 KB
2159016.jpg3600 x 24008757 KB
3181576.jpg2336 x 35046956 KB
3662251.jpg3504 x 23364041 KB
373782.jpg3072 x 20483996 KB
3843503.jpg4368 x 29046217 KB
4015549.jpg2592 x 38885976 KB
4306636.jpg2048 x 30724929 KB
4395209.jpg3527 x 47506163 KB
4446432.jpg2912 x 43687821 KB
514046.jpg3504 x 23323667 KB
5411818.jpg2850 x 19005459 KB
5579890.jpg4288 x 28487457 KB
5723502.jpg4368 x 298012586 KB
6126614.jpg3504 x 23363889 KB
6650284.jpg2912 x 43688108 KB
6784285.jpg4288 x 28487925 KB
7298729.jpg4939 x 375010717 KB
7395134.jpg2592 x 38889361 KB
7744909.jpg4089 x 27215931 KB
7815439.jpg3000 x 20005701 KB
7940471.jpg5616 x 37449827 KB
8055550.jpg4400 x 40008886 KB
8251687.jpg3024 x 20244493 KB
8424731.jpg5616 x 37446433 KB
8912982.jpg3500 x 23336234 KB
903113.jpg3504 x 23364596 KB
ASTRA project Epigonian.tif1468 x 180010346 KB
Atlas.JPG3543 x 23627159 KB
barbiton_hires.tif1500 x 20008813 KB
fibre.jpg4288 x 28487457 KB
Image 10_958642.jpg4500 x 29921729 KB
Image 11_830843.jpg2560 x 19201337 KB
Image 12_843566.jpg2816 x 18801204 KB
Image 13_792648.jpg2700 x 1800650 KB
Image 14.jpg300 x 20016 KB
Image 15_researchers.jpg1698 x 1130620 KB
Image 16_200309728-001.jpg2293 x 15251381 KB
Image 17_4651883.jpg3872 x 25927187 KB
Image 18_4800537.jpg2716 x 18103925 KB
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