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Media Library: Presentations

For presentations and slide packs about the project and its activities, given at meetings, workshops and events. Click on the column headings to sort the documents.
20120716-Security.pdf25/07/2012Summer 2012 ESCC/Internet2GÉANT: A Defense in Depth Approach to Securing a 100 Gb/s NetworkWayne Routly1678 KB
TF-CSIRT_Jan2012_Rome_X-ARF_DFN.pdf30/01/2012TF-CSIRTGN3-JRA2/T4 update on X-ARFTilmann Haak, Jan Kohlrausch, Torsten VoB, Simona Venuti618 KB
SC Music Demo.pdf17/11/2011SC11Special SC11 Performance: Live Sonification of SC11 Twitter StreamDomenico Vicinanza2753 KB
GEG Presentation Oct 4 2011 - Pierre Bruyer.pdf06/10/2011GÉANT Expert Group - Presentation of the reportThe Research & Education Networks in EuropePierre Bruyere303 KB
GEG Presentation Oct 4 2011 - Ziga Turk.pdf06/10/2011Report of the GÉANT Expert GroupGÉANT 2020 as the European Communications CommonsDr. Ziga Turk3338 KB
TNC2011_slides_Dijkstra_-E2EmonWithNML.pdf19/05/2011Enhancing E2Emon monitoring with NML topology exchangeFreek Dijkstra, Sander Boele, Ronald van der Pol – SARA Roman Łapacz – PSNC2577 KB
TNC2011_slides_Tnc2011Perfsonarnc.pdf03/05/2012perfSONAR NC - a NETCONF based perfSONAR implementationArne Oslebo346 KB
CS-11-044 GEANT for IST Africa.pdf11/05/2011IST Africa ConferenceGÉANT Fostering Global Strategic AlliancesCathrin Stöver1048 KB
TNC2011_paper_EventMgmtInPS.pdf03/05/2012TNC 2011Network performance event management based upon the perfSONAR frameworkRobert Szuman254 KB
TNC2011_slides_EthernetOAMV05.pdf03/05/2011TNC2011Ethernet OAMMark Prins456 KB
Italian Tier2 prototype - Paris LHCONE workshop 5.4.2011.pdf05/04/2011LHCONE workshop Italian Tier2 prototype                          Marco Marletta145 KB
LHCONE Planning - JANET.pdf05/04/2011LHCONE WorkshopUK Position on LHCONEDavid Salmon86 KB
PIONIER for LHCONE EU Prototype meeting 20110405.pdf05/04/2011LHCONE WorkshopPIONIER - Connecting Polish T2s to LHCONEArtur Binczewski, Szymon Trocha1259 KB
Presentation of the LHCONE Architecture document.pdf05/04/2011LHCONE MeetingPresentation of the LHCONE Architecture documentMarco Marletta387 KB
LHCONE - SURFnet.pdf07/04/2011LHCONE WorkshopSURFnet’s LHCONE design considerationsBram Peeters730 KB
Rich_LHCONE_Paris_5Apr11_v1.pptm05/04/2011LHCONELHCONE – Linking Tier 1 & Tier 2 SitesRichard Hughes-Jones 1887 KB
DET2Cloud-Paris.pdf05/04/2011LCHONEThe DE T2 CloudChristian Grimm, Karin Schauerhammer95 KB
Tier 2 - 3CESNET.pdf01/04/2011Tier 2 and Tier 3 in Czech Republic Now (March 2011)89 KB
eduPKI_update_presentation.pdf09/02/2011PR Network meetingeduPKI update Licia Florio1587 KB
cloudcom2010_geant.pdf03/12/2010CloudCom 2010cloudcom 2010 - Security Services Lifecycle Management in On-Demand Infrastructure Services ProvisioningYuri Demchenko877 KB
GEANT_neuGRID_DM.pdf27/09/2010ICT 2010neuGRID – A Grid-Brained e-Infrastructure for Neurosciences7138 KB
GEANT_Sim-e-Child_DM.pdf27/09/2010ICT 2010Sim e-Child - Simulations in Paediatric Cardiology Toward the Personalized Virtual Child Heart5634 KB
GEMBusServsMeth-sep-2010.pdf08/02/2011GEMBUS and JRA2 meetingGEMBus Architecture, Services and FrameworkDiego Lopez696 KB
Business Case of eduGAIN.pdf04/06/2010TNC 2010Business Case of eduGAIN in Multi-Domain User ApplicationsValter Nordh88 KB
A Network Management Architecture proposal.pdf03/06/2010TNC 2010A Network Management Architecture proposal for the GEANT-NREN environmentPavle Vuletic225 KB
NRENs-What are we.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010NRENs: What are we… …and what can we do togetherAlberto Pérez Gómez4024 KB
Attribute Harmonisation.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010Attribute Harmonisation: Is it Possible?Andrew Cormack258 KB
GEANT Services.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010GÉANT3 ServicesAnn Harding3885 KB
Designing the Multi Domain Service Architecture.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010Designing the Multi Domain Service Architecture for Network Connectivity Services in the GÉANT3 projectBrian Bach5319 KB
perfsonar Deployment and Support.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010perfSONAR Multi-Domain Monitoring Service Deployment and Support: The LHC-OPN Use CaseDomenico Vicinanza1088 KB
Invitation based authorization in federated systems.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010Invitation based authorization in federated systemsJaime Perez Crespo878 KB
GEANT3 Carbon Footprint.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010GÈANT3 Carbon FootprintJorgen Moth688 KB
Anomaly Detection in Backbone Networks.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010Anomaly Detection in Backbone Networks: Building A Security Service Upon An Innovative ToolWayne Routly573 KB
The DANTE NOC Network Monitoring System.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010The DANTE NOC Network Monitoring SystemXavier Martins-Rivas2583 KB
Metadata and Trust Management.pdf02/06/2010TNC 2010Metadata and Trust ManagementLeif Johansson142 KB
Investigation of Emerging Carrier Class.pdf01/06/2010TNC 2010Investigation of Emerging Carrier Class Transport Network TechnologiesVictor Olifer838 KB
TEIN3 and GEANT Dance Performance.pdf31/05/2010TNC 2010GÉANT and TEIN3: Bringing cultures together across continentsDomenico Vicinanza920 KB
A Possible New Dawn for the Future GEANT Network Architecture.pdf31/05/2010TNC 2010A Possible New Dawn for the Future GÉANT Network ArchitectureTony Breach6050 KB
Volcano Dance A Creative Union of Science-Technology and Art.pdf31/05/2010TNC 2010Volcano Dance A Creative Union of Science, Technology & ArtTom Fryer622 KB
JRA3-T1-idp-discovery.pdf12/05/2010JRA3/SA3 meetingeduroam: Dynamic IdP Discovery - Deployment planStefan Winter224 KB
OGF_network_services_interface_update.pdf17/03/2010Open Grid ForumWorking Group status updateGuy Roberts455 KB
GEANT_for_JET.pdf02/02/2010JTECHGEANT developments and global ConnectivityRoberto Sabatino253 KB
Edward.pdf01/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventKeeping Europe at the Leading Edge of ScienceEdward Seidel867 KB
Day 2 Final.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventGÉANT Launch Event - Speaker AgendaDai Davies765 KB
Geerd.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventWeather Data ExchangeProf. Geerd-R. Hoffmann144 KB
Harald.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventA note about sizesHarald Tveit Alvestrand29 KB
Mauro.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventFrom Networks to Infrastructures and forwardMauro Campanella1844 KB
Par.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventPerspectives on networks’ contribution to societal and environmental issuesDr Par Strand244 KB
Robert Klap.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventPioneering the Future Internet : addressing geographical issues.Robert Klapisch2070 KB
Robert Koopman.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventExploration of Global Environmental IssuesRobert Koopman15732 KB
Sam.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventPioneering the Future Internet through technological innovation – the next big thing Sam Samuel1946 KB
Scott.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventFIRE Testbeds and PlanetLab Exploring the Future Internet TodayScott Kirkpatrick252 KB
Vasilis.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventPanel Discussion: Pioneering the Future Internet through Technological InnovationVasilis Maglaris428 KB
Giovanni_frisoni.pdf02/12/2009GÉANT Launch Evente-Infrastructures for Infrastructures for Alzheimer Alzheimer’s diseaseGiovanni B Frisoni892 KB
Dany.pdf01/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventKeeping Europe atthe cutting edge of Science DiscoveryDany Vandromme27 KB
Gard.pdf01/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventKeeping Europe at the cutting edge of Science DiscoveryGard Titlestad1389 KB
Giovanni.pdf01/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventEnabling Research and Education Impact on next generation and their expectationsGiovanni Colombo139 KB
Hans.pdf01/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventGÉANT - A brief overview of the GN3 ProjectHans Döbbeling5529 KB
Ulf.pdf01/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventThe Future of the Internet Perspectives emerging from R&DUlf Wahlberg7911 KB
Alexandre.pdf01/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventThe molecular machines of lifeProf. Alexandre M.J.J. Bonvin8774 KB
Cathrin_DV.pdf01/12/2009GÉANT Launch EventGÉANT and TEIN3: Bringing Cultures Together Across ContinentsCathrin Stover21 KB
GEANT-Volcano_Dance-Internet2_FMM2009.pdf07/10/2009Internet2 Fall Member Meeting, 2009Volcano DanceTom Fryer116 KB
GEANT-Internet2_FMM_2009.pdf05/10/2009Internet2 Fall Member MeetingGÉANT, GN3 and GÉANT Global Connectivity UpdateCathrin Stöver1375 KB
GEANT-perfSONAR-EGEE09.pdf25/09/2009EGEE’09Live Demo of the Monitoring InterfaceDomenico Vicinanza1132 KB
GEANT-Services-EGEE09.pdf21/09/2009EGEE’09ConnectivityServicesDomenico Vicinanza1797 KB
GEANT-Arts-BritishScienceFestival09.pdf05/09/2009British Science Festival 09DANTE - Singing and DancingDomenico Vicinanza1983 KB
GEANT-project-CLARA-TEC09.pdf11/08/2009CLARA-TECThe GÉANT Network & GN3Tom Fryer843 KB
Single Log-Out.pdf16/06/2009TNC 2009Single Log-OutAndreas Solberg1114 KB
Innovation-technologies and service development in GN3.pdf11/06/2009TNC 2009Innovation, technologies and service development in GN3Afrodite Sevasti1133 KB
Building a better network.pdf16/06/2010TNC 2009Building a better network by assembling the service jigsawDiego Lopez1407 KB
An Infocard-based proposal for unified SSO to eduroam.pdf16/06/2010TNC 2009An Infocard-based proposal for unified SSO to eduroamEnrique de la Hoz136 KB
I-SHARe – a Process Support Tool for Multi-Domain Services.pdf11/06/2009TNC 2009I-SHARe – a Process Support Tool for Multi-Domain ServicesMatthias Hamm784 KB
EduPERT—Helping European Researchers Bridge the Wizard Gap.pdf11/06/2009TNC 2009EduPERT—Helping European Researchers Bridge the Wizard GapSimon Leinen192 KB
Experience with passive monitoring deployment in GEANT2 network.pdf11/06/2009TNC 2009Experience with passive monitoring deployment in GEANT2 networkSven Ubik3389 KB
identity management of users in eduroam.pdf11/06/2009TNC 2009IDENTITY MANAGEMENT OF USERS IN eduroamTomasz Wolniewicz593 KB
Attributes in eduGAIN.pdf10/06/2009TNC 2009Attributes in eduGAINKristóf Bajnok750 KB
SAML2 Metadata Exchange and Tagging.pdf10/06/2009SAML2 Metadata Exchange & TaggingThomas Lenggenhager1235 KB
The GN3 Project - Goals - Challenges - Vision.pdf09/06/2009TNC 2009GÉANT - The GN3 Project - Goals - Challenges - VisionHans Döbbeling577 KB
radsecproxy - A swiss army knife for eduroam.pdf09/06/2009TNC 2009radsecproxy - A swiss army knife for eduroamStefan Winter984 KB
DICE-Authorizing Dynamic Networks for VOs.pdf08/06/2009TNC 2009DICE: Authorizing Dynamic Networks for VOsJeff W. Boote4393 KB